My review of throwww

manwithreadface on September 08 2012

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I think this is great. I love the concept and I find the design to be excellently clean and elegant. I could see this taking off potentially, although I am not sure how you would make money from it without ruining the 'blank page' appearance. One thing, I typed this review once already and then clicked Post with Twitter but my post disappeared after I logged on so I had to do it again...


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sfard | reply
Thanks for the input. The goal was just to make something people would find useful, not thinking of "how do I make money". I figure since it's just text, that the server costs wont be immense and I can just fund it myself. Maybe I'm being naive?

As for log-in thing, you're totally right. I'm more of a designer than a developer, so I'm figuring out how to complete the log-in in a new window to solve that problem :S

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